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Radu Vladislas is a vampire from the Subspecies movies. He's the son of a vampire lord and a witch, which is why he looks the way he does (most vampires in the films look like regular people with fangs). Radu's a pretty nasty fellow, since he kills people for sustenance and for selfish reasons. He's the main villain of the movies, though in some of them he could almost count for a villain-protagonist, since he has the most screentime and drives the plot forward. He covets a crystal called the bloodstone, which bleeds the blood of saints and is highly addictive to vampires.

Most of your vampire tropes are in place, with a need for blood, and weakness to sun. He can also travel by shadow in a way that resembles teleportation, and pieces of his flesh will turn into tiny demon-looking creatures that do his bidding. He also seems to have regenerative powers, since he can cut off his fingers and they'll grow back.

Possible Trigger Warnings: Blood, blood drinking, mentions of gore and death

OOC Permissions
Backtagging: Yes. If you don't reply after a long time (say weeks or months) I might still be willing to pick threads back up.
Threaddropping: Potential
Format: Prose preferred. Willing to do script.
Threadjacking: Ask first.
Fourthwalling: No thanks.
Canon Puncture: If it suits the thread/setting.

IC Permissions
Crosscanon and AU: Absolutely!
Romance: Yes.
Hugging: Yes, but only after getting to know him or if the rp has them already as a couple.
Kissing: Yes. See policy on hugging.
Flirting: You may, but don't expect him to flirt back.
Smut: I am comfortable with smut and having him engage in smut.
Mutilating: Ask first
Killing: No.
Mind Reading: Sure. PM me with questions about what kind of reading someone might get off him.
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